The CPSP employees are all kind, cordial and professional and are not prejudiced against us. Their approach motivates us to go back to the centre, which has an impartial environment where we don't feel constantly awkward about our past actions and gestures. I wish to sincerely thank all the centre's employees who worked with me.

Anonymous, Gatineau

Looking for an employee?

If you are looking for the ideal person to meet your company’s challenges, contact the Centre de placement spécialisé du Portage. We will post your job offer on the centre’s bulletin board. Candidates who are interested in the position will communicate with the employer directly.

Our clients work in a range of services, including landscaping, heavy truck driving, construction, removal, maintenance, restaurant industry, etc. If you would like to post a job offer, please fill this form.

There are no fees for posting jobs at the Centre. However, if you need help during the candidate selection process, we can help you screen candidates and provide you with the necessary support.

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